You’ve just launched your website, what’s next?

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So you’ve just launched a world class website with the help of your friendly neighborhood web developers. First, allow me to say congratulations! Now, what’s next?

The two most important things to do next are 1) create backlinks to your site, and 2) generate new content for your site. These will improve your search engine optimization (SEO), and they’re also just good ways to stay engaged and make your site (and overall web presence) come to life.

To create backlinks (links on other sites that point back to yours), you can start by making sure you’ve included your site’s link on all your social media pages (yes, these count as other sites). From there, think of any websites where a link to yours might be relevant. This could include business directories (especially Google My Business), chambers of commerce, and other sites or blogs relevant to your industry. Even a shout out on your mom’s blog helps!

Next, if you have a blog, write soon and write often. Keep in mind, it helps to use keywords in your blogs that you’re using elsewhere in your site and in meta tags. If you’re unsure what’s in your meta tags, ask your developer. They should contain short descriptions that are relevant to your site, so these make sense to include in blogs as well. This ties everything together and helps Google understand what your site is all about.

Post often on your social media pages too. You can use a tool like Hootsuite to coordinate between the various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). You can post news about your company, relevant articles you’d like to share, and links back to your blog entries. Yes that’s right, you get to post a new backlink every time you write a blog!

Lastly, start sending out a regular email newsletter. Make sure to follow the first rule of email marketing by giving people an easy way to unsubscribe (preferably with one click). You can include clips from recent blog entries here, and provide links back to the full blog posts. A short and sweet newsletter is a great way to stay engaged with a personal touch.

When you tackle these things, you’ll be off to a great start! If you don’t yet have a website, gooWee can help!

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