New DIY WordPress Class

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One of the very first things that we did when we started our company was to create our values. We felt this was important in defining the type of company that we wanted to build but also to create a compass for guiding us in becoming the people we wanted to be as we assumed our new identities as owners.

We wanted to have fun, and have the courage to innovate while at the same time being honest with ourselves about our limits and ensuring that we always made self-care a priority. However, there were two values that really formed the core of our company.

The first is community. We knew early on that we would lean heavily on our community for help in establishing our business, for connections to grow our business, and for the knowledge to run our business. Which leads us to the second: learning.

In our line of work if you’re not constantly learning then you are dying. All the technologies that we use are continually evolving so we are always honing our skills. Not only that but we are constantly learning new business strategies and new ways to run our business more smoothly. Again we lean heavily on the web development community for learning the tech skills, and on the general business and startup community for improving our business.

A year ago we got involved with Longmont Startup Week. We learned that they needed a new website and we jumped at the opportunity to help. We figured being a small part of a Techstars Startup Week event would be a great way to give back to our community. This year we were approached to build the website again, and also to present a session.

We thought for a while about what we would present and realized that one audience was underrepresented in the tech track of the startup week: people on a budget that need a simple web presence. We figured there are plenty of people out there bootstrapping a new small business that can’t quite afford to outsource their web development. So we thought we could help by presenting a DIY WordPress class. We had a great audience of about 20 people that were eager to learn. It was a great success so we decided to make it a regular occurrence.

We reached out to various venues that we thought might be a good fit for the class and we booked three upcoming classes.

Class Description:

Beginner level workshop to learn how to create a simple WordPress website for your small business.


  • Create a domain
  • Host a WordPress instance on Digital Ocean
  • Create pages on WordPress (no coding involved)

If you’re in need of any of the above, then feel free to come join us! And don’t forget to bring your own laptop. You’ll have a brand new website by the end.

Also, the class is free!

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