Do you provide free consultations?

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Yes, we do!

We are always excited to sit down for a cup of coffee to learn more about a project and the company or organization behind it. This first meeting is discovery-light, and it gives us enough of an idea about the requirements of the project to get the ball rolling. From this meeting, we’ll know if the project is a website, a web app, or mobile app. We’ll start to get a sense of the scale and timeline of the project. And most importantly, we’ll get a sense of what a prospective client wants to get out of the project.

Since there’s no cost and no obligation in having this initial chat, we’re happy to move forward at whatever time meets a client’s needs. In the case of a website, we can submit a proposal immediately following the meeting or at a future date. If the project is an app, we can submit a rough estimate of the time and scope of the project. And after that, we move forward into a planning sprint, to thoroughly flesh out the project requirements. On completion of the planning sprint we submit a full proposal and then begin production.

Back to the initial conversation, an important thing to think about beforehand is the goal for the project’s MVP (minimum viable product), or in other words, the point when the project is ready for the real world. In the case of most websites, this is pretty straightforward—it’s done when we’ve built the desired pages and the client is happy with the result. In the case of an app, it is less so, since apps are rarely “done.” Many clients come to us with big ideas and a long list of potential features for their app, which is great! But this kind of thing can take years to build. So in exploring the idea initially, we want to find the core set of features that will make the app commercially viable and ready for users in the short term. That core becomes the MVP, and that is what we strive toward when we begin planning and building.

For more information or to schedule a conversation, please feel free to contact us!

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