What is gooWee’s app development process?

In FAQ by Juan Portillo

The app discovery, planning, and development process can make or break an app. We base our app development process on Scrum, which is a best-practice framework for developing software. We break up a project into short development “sprints”. Short sprints allow us to break large projects into smaller chunks to bring focus to the development process. It also allows for frequent feedback from the client and other stakeholders, which in turn allows us to “pivot” or change course as necessary throughout the development of the app.

Our initial planning phase starts at client discovery. As we gather requirements for the first sprint of the project, we create mockups and user stories to ensure that the requirements are correct and that a complete increment is in view. When these planning documents and a backlog of tasks (up to 1 month’s worth) are completed and approved, we start the sprint.

During the sprint, we have daily standup meetings to discuss progress, next steps, and roadblocks. We use a burndown chart to track progress as we work through the sprint backlog. The sprint is done when all agreed upon features from the initial planning phase are completed and discussed in a client review meeting.

At the review meeting, we do a product tour to go over all features and receive client feedback. Changes and additions will be tracked and included in planning documents for subsequent sprints. Once the scope of the next sprint takes shape, we finalize the planning process and move into a new sprint.

Our goal is to ensure a smooth process throughout app development. A smooth process means better planning, fewer bugs, better focus, and more flexibility.