Do you have affordable website design options for small businesses?

In FAQ by Juan Portillo

Yes! We developed a workflow for small business web design that would drive down costs while maintaining quality and customizability so that we could serve businesses on a budget.

When we first started our company, we wanted to code everything from scratch. However, we realized quickly that many small businesses and startups are working on a small budget and often could not afford the high costs of that kind of website design. When we spoke to some of these small business owners, we often heard things like “I’ve received quotes from many web developers and I would update my website if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg!” Despite being educated on the importance of a strong web presence, many small business owners don’t move forward with updating their websites. The bottom line is that they are just unable to fit the cost into their budget.

As a local small business, we want to be involved with our local small business community and give back. We are also very familiar with the sometimes difficult balance of investing in your own company while also managing costs. So we decided to come up with a good way to give our small business clients an option that was within reach. We also wanted to do this without sacrificing search engine optimization, mobile responsiveness, design, and our ability to tailor websites to our client’s branding.

After researching various solutions, we decided to offer WordPress websites built on X-theme. X-theme provides a great way to build sites for clients from templates. This gives gooWee and our clients a good starting point for building out the design and structure of the website, thus reducing design time significantly. X-theme also has many user interface features (e.g. icons, animations, etc.) built in, which also speeds up the development process. Best of all, it includes important tools for Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Responsiveness, and accessibility.

We loved it so much that we decided to build our own website using x-theme!

Contact us to learn more about this low-cost, high-value option for your small business web design needs.