What’s a gooWee?

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What even is a gooWee? Also, whats with the weird lower-case g?

gooWee is a fun, silly, and nonsensical word. When we were coming up with names for our company we spent three hours in front of a white board brainstorming ideas. It turns out that people own the domains for what seemed like 99% of the words in the English dictionary, and since one of our goals was to own the domain of the name of our company, coming up with a name was quite challenging. After a few hours in, and not finding any available domains, we started writing non-sense “words” on the wall. We figured, if Google can do it, so can we. 😛

We wrote the word gooey on the wall. Then we realized “Hey! That could be a play on the acronym G.U.I.” G.U.I. stands for Graphical User Interface, which is at the core of what we do. From a user’s perspective thats mostly what websites or apps are.

Our passion is bridging the gap between people and technology. A G.U.I. is the way by which people interact with technology, so it partially described what we do.

It also felt right. Prior to starting to brainstorm we wrote a list of our company values and the first that we wrote down was “Fun”. We knew that we wanted to have fun doing what we do, that we wanted to work on fun projects, and work with fun people. We also didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously. So we went with gooWee! ( wee! fun…get it? 😀 )

Okay, but why the little g?

The ‘g’ is little because the name gooWee is in camelcase which is a convention for naming variables in javascript code. Javascript is our go to tech for building all of our web products. Plus, we like how it looks.

People often ask us things like “Gooey? Like sticky?” or “Does that mean you make sticky apps?” So we decided to embrace it and go with the tagline: “We make your ideas stick.”

Need a G.U.I? Contact us. We make those!

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