Proper Noun

  1. A play on G.U.I. (Graphical User Interface), the human-friendly window into the matrix.
  2. A web development and design company serving the Boulder and Denver Colorado areas.

About Us

We are...gooWee, LLC. Owned by Ian Strouse and Juan Portillo, two web design professionals that specialize in small business web development. We love good people and we nerd out on great technology, but our passion is in bringing the two together.

Ian Strouse Owner/Full-Stack Developer

Ian Strouse

Owner / Full-Stack Developer
(makes things work)

Juan Portillo Owner/Front-End Developer

Juan Portillo

Owner / Front-End Developer
(makes things pretty)

You person or a group of people. Perhaps you've had an epiphany for a great app and need help building it, or maybe you just need a simple and elegant web page for your small business. Our team of developers are here to help. We are as dedicated to building an enjoyable professional relationship as we are to turning your idea into a polished product, getting your startup off the ground, or helping your established small business grow.

This group was recommended to my firm. Very knowledgable, good process and stayed within our budget. When we strayed, they kept us on about patient. Top notch all the way...I would recommend to any business out there.